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Taking a break from sewing, I watched a little Project Runway (old episodes).  I have to say that I don’t watch this show, but as I was watching it, I got inspired by Kenley Collins.  I saw a blouse that she wore while working on on of her projects and I was off looking for it to see if I could re-create it.

This led me to her site.  I found a blouse of hers that I really like and was inspired further.

I am in love with this combination of the blouse and pants.  I must try my hand at these!

This one, I’m not so crazy about it.  I would like it more if it were simply a blouse rather than a dress.  I enjoy the tie collars of both of these pieces.  How great would this look with high waisted trousers??

But to get back to what first inspired me…I would like to try to find a pattern that works for this blouse.  Maybe an altered JJ blouse from Burda? Minus the ruffles, of course.  Any suggestions?


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I am joining Zoe with her ‘Me-Made-May’ endeavor but am going to be going with the extra-lite version since I have only completed a few projects. In the lite version, Zoe proposes that we wear at least one handmade item each day but since I don’t even have enough for that right now, I am going with only wearing handmade items at least once a week.  I think I will be able to manage that one!

I am going to jump on the ball though to try to complete more projects this month so I have a few more things to wear.  I’m going to start working on my new vintage pattern and will hopefully make two dresses and possibly even a blouse from that pattern.  If I can get all of that done, that will put me at 3 dresses complete, 2 blouses, and a pair of pants.  Not too bad, eh?  I am going to challenge myself even further to make another Sencha blouse (or at least actually refashion my thrift find).

Do you think refashioning something would count for the Me-Made-May?  Or would it have to be 100% cut out and sewn together by me from scratch?  I may have to pose this question to Zoe…hmmm….

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Past and Present

I was looking for inspiration on the internet from past fashions and stumbled upon a few interesting things.

I thought this little video was cute showing what designers of years bygone thought we might be wearing in the year 2000.  It’s interesting to me that I look to the 40’s and 50’s for inspiration and they were creating pieces that they thought we might be wearing today.

I like the comment “One dress of the future will consist of transparent net.  The net, probably, to catch the males.”  Too funny!

What do you think of their predictions?  Who knew they would be right about having phones attached to us, although not in the way they showed?

Here is another video on how to determine how to wear your hair, make up and what type of neckline to wear with certain face shapes.  Interesting.  And sorry, I couldn’t find a better version; the sound is not so great.

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Style Inspiration

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  I’ve been feeling a little under the weather these last few days and it’s been a shame because the weather has been so wonderful.   I haven’t been sewing too much but the good news is that my machine cooperated with me and I finished my first Sencha blouse.  I will get some pictures posted soon.  I have also been working a bit on my first Vintage Vogue pattern in the purple flower print fabric.  It’s coming along slowly.

In my less-than-perfect state, I’ve been looking online for inspiration and clothes that have caught my eye.  First, this lovely Jillian dress from Kate Spade.  I love the color of this one here, but it does come in another color.

Also, there was a lovely ring at Kate Spade that I love.  It is a Garden Party Ring and makes me wish I had a Garden Party to go to…

Over at Anthropolgie, there was this pretty Twirls dress and this cute Blue Bird Blouse.  I wish I could find fabric like these at my local store.  I am a person who likes to feel the fabric along with seeing it before I buy so I am not too sure how buying fabric online would really work for me.  It’s a shame.

What inspires you?  Are you a person who can order fabric online?  Any suggestions of where to shop and/or how to get over my wanting to feel before I buy?  I hope you are having lovely weather where you are and a great weekend!

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I wanted to share with you a few books that I am reading to learn more about sewing.  In the time that I am not sewing, I am reading up on it in order to perfect my techniques and to learn as much as I can.  I’ve read up on other people’s blogs on what they recommend to read/what they read.

What I have read so far, has a lot of information about what makes a piece ‘couture.’  The author also explains how to do some of the techniques that mains (“hands”) sew.  What surprised me is the fact that just about everything in hand sewn.  Impressive.

I have not gotten too far in this book.  Basically, I will read on how to “create clothing to fit your exact measurements.” Who doesn’t want that?

This one, I feel is a fairly beginner’s book.  It goes into detail about types of fabric, needles, thread, and how to cut patterns, etc.  It explains just about anything and everything.  In my opinion, it’s a good book to have if you forget how to sew a certain type of seam or even how to do minor adjustments in the pattern such as lengthening or shortening a section.

What are you reading?  Can be sewing related (would love to have more books to read on sewing) or not!  Can’t wait to hear!

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I was looking around at other blogs to find inspiration for what I would like to make in the future.  At Casey’s Elegant Musings, she made herself a lovely pair of 30’s slacks in a tan linen.  I like the high waist and the wide legs of these pants.  They will definitely have to go on my list of future projects.

Over at Colette Patterns, I am going to have to make some of these cute bloomers!  I am not too keen on the long tailed bows on the front; I would have to tone it down a bit but still keep the bows.  They add a cuteness to the bloomers!  You can also see bloomers that others have made…super cute!

When I have time to knit, I am going to make this (try to) cute beret at Sarai’s blog.

I LOVE this coat that Zoe made!  I had found one at an antique store around here a while back and I almost bought it but there was a bit too much damage to the coat and too high of a price for me.  So sad.  Zoe also has a great idea going, “Me-Made-March.”  She is making or has made everything that she will be wearing this month and she is photographing the outfits on her blog.

I will continue on my hunt for ideas and inspiration and will share with you and share my list of things I would like to make!

{images above: esquire9 from ondiraiduveau}

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Lazy days

I’m taking a ‘planning’ day today to find ideas of patterns I would like to use along with relaxing with the pets.  Always nice!!  As I’m looking at the patterns that are jumping out at me, I can’t wait until spring and summer and the ability to wear such lovely dresses outside!I’m getting really excited about starting everything.  I’ve found plenty of patterns that I love and I just have to start hunting down some fabrics soon.  I plan to go to the local thrift stores around town to find inexpensive clothes that I can refashion into the patterns I choose to get practice.

Go here to see more patterns from this shop, Colette Patterns.

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