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I have now completed my second version of the vintage pattern.  I enjoy the drape of the sleeves in this version made of rayon challis and the lightness; it will make a nice summer dress when the weather warms up even more.

This went much faster than the first dress but I had a hiccup with the zipper.  Oh, those stubborn zippers.  I thought I had it in the correct way to be zipped properly, but no, I had it in backwards.  I guess it is more of a silly me than those stubborn zippers.

I wish I could have taken these pictures outside, but when I took them it was around 9 PM and I had to do the self timer.  Maybe another day (I still need to take pictures of my pants full length also!!).

With this little number done, I am going to start work on the Beignet skirt.  I went ahead and picked a black fabric instead of a bright color or bold print; I wanted to be able to wear it with just about anything and not be bogged down with a certain type of top to wear it with if it had a bold pattern.  I do have two yards of a fun print that I may use for a second, more fun, version…we shall see about that.

What else should I add on my list in these last few days of Me-Made-May?  If I could at least have enough to make it with one me-made item each day, I would be content.    What have you created lately or do you have your wardrobe planned out for Me-Made-May if you are participating?


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Sewing a Gem

First of all, I LOVE this pattern!  I love how much more simple it is for me to use than modern patterns.  It’s so easy to trace because the pieces are already cut out and have little holes where the seam allowance is, the darts, etc.  Those who have sewn vintage patterns before know this.  Since this was my first experience with a vintage pattern, I was overly excited.

So far, things are going very smoothly with my dress.  The time flew by when I was working on it and I completed quite a bit.  Here’s a sneak peak….

As of now, I am working on the sleeves and trying to figure out how to work the cuffs.  The instructions do not seem entirely clear to me on how do to this, but maybe I’ll have one of my “Ah ha!” moments and it will make perfect sense!  (In case it doesn’t come, anyone know what to do to attach the cuff to a gathered sleeve??)

I was hoping to have it done by today but it’s not going to happen.  I had originally bought a zipper for the closure but the pattern calls for snaps and I am thinking I might want to stick with the integrity of the pattern and get snaps.  With this mentioned, Tasia and I have the same problem; we go into the store with one thing in mind but come out with more projects on our plates.  The only way for me to avoid this is to bring the husband with me so I get in and out in a flash but I feel bad asking him to go to the fabric store with me; it’s just not his cup of tea.  We’ll see…

Anyways, wish me luck with finishing this dress so I can work on another one just like it in my pink floral print.  I’m telling you, I love this pattern!

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Pants or Skirt?

I have been debating this for quite some time and I am still not sure what to do.  Here are my options. To make a pair of high-waisted pants or the Beignet skirt.  The black linen that I have in my stash is enough to make either or, not both, sadly.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

This is why I am debating:

  1. I want a pair of high-waisted pants but not too sure if I want them in black linen.  I want linen for sure, but I feel the black makes it too dressy.
  2. I want a skirt because warmer weather is on its way.
  3. I’m iffy about the Beignet skirt because I read on Pattern Review it takes less fabric than what is called for on the back of the envelope (is this true?).  And I don’t like to waste.
  4. If there will be a lot of extra fabric, what would I do with it?  It wouldn’t be enough for pants…
  5. Go back to #1; I feel black linen pants would be too dressy…has anyone else made black linen pants and have a picture??

Which shall I do?

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First Vintage Pattern

I have purchased my very first real vintage pattern!!!  I am so very excited!  I guess you could say this is my birthday present to myself!  I have been eying this pattern for, oh, only a month now and decided I MUST have it and must hurry before someone else felt the same way.

I have not been doing any sewing this past week because I REALLY want to work on this pattern that is on it way and will be here very very soon.  Oh, I am so excited!

The reason I had not purchased it before was because I thought maybe, just maybe, I could figure it out and make my own pattern from the picture.  I didn’t even attempt.  I think my ambitions are much greater than my skills are at this point…so sad.  But alas!  The pattern is now mine and I can make my dress with no worries or messing it up royally.  I have already purchased fabric for this pattern, the pink floral that I had bought a while back.

I will definitely make a muslin first because the pattern is actually a 32″ bust and I have a 34″ bust and I don’t want to mess up this fabric that I am in love with.

So what does this beauty look like?  Have I built up the suspense enough yet?  Here she is!  I bought this gem from Sandritocat, who is a doll.

I am going to make Version I with the V neck and 3/4 length sleeves rather than Version II or III.   I love the yoke, sleeves, length of the dress, and, well, everything about it!  Now only if I had a lovely hat to go with it when it’s finished….

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I received some patterns in the mail from a lovely lady who had no need for them and wanted them out of her house.  I was, at first going to buy them from her because I thought there were several patterns from the 40’s and 50’s but it turns out that many of them were form the 70’s and are for children.   So, instead of charging me for them (she really wanted to get rid of them) she just sent them to me.  So sweet.  Inside I found lots of goodies for children.  She even included a few spools of thread.

There are actually 4 patterns of the costumes, just different sizes

I’m not too sure what to do with them.  I was thinking that maybe I could make a cute out fit for my niece or I could pass along the kindness to someone who would use them.  Do you know of anyone who would use them and not turn around and sell them?

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Cute as a Button!

This weekend I have been working on my Vintage Vogue pattern and have been enjoying making this dress.  I am almost done with it!

There have been no mishaps or problems that I have run into yet.  The cotton is easy to work with, the instructions to the pattern are fairly clear, and I am zipping along with the project.

Well, I said that there were no problems…I lied, sort of.  The only problem that I have had is my sewing assistant wanting to help too much and wanting my full attention…

Shalom trying to help me sew my seam.

I was working on the buttonholes, and you may remember I had problems with those on the Sencha blouse.  Luckily this time, the buttonholes were mad a different way (one I didn’t know you could do) and it was fairly simple and cute, in my opinion.

Along with these cute buttonholes, I seem to have discovered where the phrase “as cute as a button” came from.  When I made these buttons with the same fabric as the dress, I felt they were oh SO cute!  Cute as a button, that is!

I can’t wait to wear my new dress!  The weather is warming up here (finally) and I will actually get to wear it, yay!

I hope you’ve had a productive weekend as well!

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I have been working on finishing my Sencha blouse but have run into problems with the buttonholes.  I have gotten two of the five buttonholes done and they look great.  The third has been a disaster.  My machine does not like this third buttonhole and it is frustrating me a great deal.  Sigh.

On a happier note, I went to the fabric store today and came out with three great prints.  I am excited to make dresses out of these!

The white fabric with the purple flowers will become the Vogue Vintage pattern, below.

I will make the one with the halter straps.  Oh, I can’t wait!  So excited to start work on these projects!!

~Side note~ I had noticed they were all floral after I got home…I guess I’m ready for spring and warm weather!

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