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Woe is Me

I REALLY need to finish my Beignet skirt.  I can’t wait to wear it as a part of Me-Made-May.  It will go with so much!

The Beignet and I are not friends anymore.  There is something about this skirt that I am not crazy about.  I tried working on it last night and threw in the towel.  I am not meant to wear this skirt.  I have tried.  And I am giving up (for now).  I will get you my pretty…. Maybe the cat knows something I don’t…maybe that is why he is trying to help me by getting in my way so much so I can’t get frustrated….maybe, just maybe….

Plus, it doesn’t help that from the time that I started making this skirt, I must have put on a few inches around my mid-section and thighs (ugh) because this skirt does not seem like it will fit me.  The lining and the facing are now one.  I just need to hem the bottom, add the belt loops, make the belt, and add the buttons and it will be complete.  Why is this skirt giving me such a headache?  I’m not sure.  Maybe it was my fabric choice.  I have put this on the back-burner and started work on a blouse instead.  Here is what I have finished so far.

Has anyone else had such issues with this pattern?  On paper, it doesn’t seem like it would have been such a complicated project.  Is it so simple that I am complicating it?

Oh to sew so care-free….


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(No) Progress

Cranky me + sewing = disaster.  Attempted to work on my skirt today…didn’t go so well. I wish sewing was fun for me today.

Photo from Woof Nanny

I was attaching the lining to the facing of the skirt which was frustrating enough for me due to the curve and messed it up.  Once I fixed that mini disaster, I was finishing the seams for that particular area and as I was doing that, the lining got caught up under the needle.   Ugh.  I’ve had enough for today.

I put it away, turned off my sewing machine and shut the door.  It’s just one of those days…Maybe tomorrow will be better for me.

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The Beignet skirt is going well.  I am going to LOVE the pockets.  Thanks to Sarai, the instructions are very easy for me to understand.  And I am enjoying the contrast of the black shell with the maroon lining.

Oh, the joys of sewing with an assistant….I wish I had a picture of how I NORMALLY have to sew, maybe one day I’ll get the husband to take a picture.  This is how it normally happens.

I go into our guest room that has now become my sewing room excited to get started on my project.  I hear a soft pitter-patter of feet come up the stairs and then jump onto my fabric that I am about to work on.  So nice of him to do that.  Sometimes I am lucky to see the leftover paw prints of my sweet assistant.  After I coddle and pet him for a bit, he seems appeased and goes over to look out the window.

If he stayed there, that would be nice and I might be able to get along with my sewing faster.   Ahh, but no, after about 2 minutes at the window, he HAS to sit in my lap as a try to sew.  And I don’t stay sitting long because I get up to pin something, press something, of go find something that my assistant has decided to paw off my desk into some hidden crevice under the bed.  But you better believe as soon as I sit back down, he’s back in his spot.

My sweet Shalom, always trying to help.  I had hoped with more items (lamp, plant, anything) on my desk, it might deter him from getting up there, but he squeezes his way in….

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I have now completed my second version of the vintage pattern.  I enjoy the drape of the sleeves in this version made of rayon challis and the lightness; it will make a nice summer dress when the weather warms up even more.

This went much faster than the first dress but I had a hiccup with the zipper.  Oh, those stubborn zippers.  I thought I had it in the correct way to be zipped properly, but no, I had it in backwards.  I guess it is more of a silly me than those stubborn zippers.

I wish I could have taken these pictures outside, but when I took them it was around 9 PM and I had to do the self timer.  Maybe another day (I still need to take pictures of my pants full length also!!).

With this little number done, I am going to start work on the Beignet skirt.  I went ahead and picked a black fabric instead of a bright color or bold print; I wanted to be able to wear it with just about anything and not be bogged down with a certain type of top to wear it with if it had a bold pattern.  I do have two yards of a fun print that I may use for a second, more fun, version…we shall see about that.

What else should I add on my list in these last few days of Me-Made-May?  If I could at least have enough to make it with one me-made item each day, I would be content.    What have you created lately or do you have your wardrobe planned out for Me-Made-May if you are participating?

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I finished my dress on Sunday afternoon and immediately wore it and thoroughly enjoyed it!  The weather was nice and sunny but with a cooler breeze so it was perfect for this type of weather.

I did have an “Ah ha” moment with the cuffs.  For some reason, I was trying to sew together the sides that make the cuff round before sewing the ends of the seam together….So, instead of making a lovely cuff, I was making a pouch, envelope, or whatever you would like to call it; definitely not a cuff though.  Once that problem was solved, everything else went smoothly!

I went with a zipper instead of snaps and I did a blind hem with the machine rather than following the instructions of the pattern and doing it by hand.  I’m lazy, I know but I was ready to wear my new dress!

The fabric is cotton and I enjoy the weight of it for cooler spring and possibly autumn days but I am still going to make another version in rayon challis and I think I will enjoy the drape of that version more, especially in the sleeves.  I do like my sleeves, but I would like to have another version that falls/drapes more rather than poofing out. 

I’m on a roll now to get more done for Me-Made-May!!

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Sewing a Gem

First of all, I LOVE this pattern!  I love how much more simple it is for me to use than modern patterns.  It’s so easy to trace because the pieces are already cut out and have little holes where the seam allowance is, the darts, etc.  Those who have sewn vintage patterns before know this.  Since this was my first experience with a vintage pattern, I was overly excited.

So far, things are going very smoothly with my dress.  The time flew by when I was working on it and I completed quite a bit.  Here’s a sneak peak….

As of now, I am working on the sleeves and trying to figure out how to work the cuffs.  The instructions do not seem entirely clear to me on how do to this, but maybe I’ll have one of my “Ah ha!” moments and it will make perfect sense!  (In case it doesn’t come, anyone know what to do to attach the cuff to a gathered sleeve??)

I was hoping to have it done by today but it’s not going to happen.  I had originally bought a zipper for the closure but the pattern calls for snaps and I am thinking I might want to stick with the integrity of the pattern and get snaps.  With this mentioned, Tasia and I have the same problem; we go into the store with one thing in mind but come out with more projects on our plates.  The only way for me to avoid this is to bring the husband with me so I get in and out in a flash but I feel bad asking him to go to the fabric store with me; it’s just not his cup of tea.  We’ll see…

Anyways, wish me luck with finishing this dress so I can work on another one just like it in my pink floral print.  I’m telling you, I love this pattern!

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Thank You

To everyone who left me great advice, thank you!  I have successfully completed my trousers and will be embarking on my first vintage pattern!

I had no problem raising the waistline a bit and lowering the waistband to fix that little hole between the zipper and the waistband.  I DID have fun though (HA!) trying to figure out the blind hem sewing on my machine.  I think I spent about half an hour trying to interpret the instructions in the manual and maybe another 15 minutes trying to figure out how to fold my fabric correctly so the blind hemming was actually on the right side of the fabric.  I did a few practice runs on some scraps that I had leftover from the linen but took me a while to figure it all out.  I tell you, I was so excited when I did!  It’s the little things!

When the husband and I have some free time, I will try to get full length shots from farther away.

On another note, my fabric came in that I ordered (much sooner than I thought) and I love everything but the green colored linen I bought.  The color on the website is not what it is in real life.  It has turned out to be a very very bright lime green rather than the more subdued color I thought I was purchasing.  I tried to take a photo f it to show a comparison, but the picture doesn’t show just how fluorescent it is.  In the photo, it looked more like the photo from the website, so I can’t really blame the company.  The linen just disguises it’s true self.

I will try to figure something out!

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