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Days 2, 3, and 4

Here are days 2, 3, and 4 of Me-Made-May.

Day 2 was spent inside cleaning and being a bum (which was great) because of rain and I stayed in my jammies and cleaning clothes all day and sadly did not wear anything that was made by me.  Maybe I will make some lounge pants…

These pants…well, here I am wearing them again for day three.   The downside to these pants is that my dog also loves them and tends to get his drool on them and it is hard to get out without washing them completely.  The cardigan was thrifted and the little camisole I have had since I was about 12 (It’s actually from Limited Too)…I’ve gotten plenty of wear out of that little cami.  And this is day 1 of pin curls.

Day 4

For day 4, I wore the dress I made with the first vintage pattern I bought.  The sad thing is that I didn’t really get to get out and enjoy my dress or the weather.  It finally stopped raining today and hopefully it will continue to be sunny for a while.  I have my fingers crossed!

Oh and in this picture is day two of pin curls with Lottabody Olive Oil Foam Wrap.  I find this is easy for me to use since it’s a foam and goes in like mousse.  I didn’t do anything to the hair, just brushed it out a bit.  Speaking of hair….anyone know any sites that show you step by step how to fix your hair in a vintage style?  I would love to try something new.  Thanks!


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Found some treasures!

I went to a few thrift stores around town and found some great goodies.  Most of them I am going to refashion in one way or another.  Just waiting for my sewing machine to come in! 🙂

I plan to take before and after pictures of the pieces I found and post them on here once they are completed.  Not sure if I am going to post these later on the Etsy site because I wont have the same materials.  So, with that said, I may have to buy fabric that is readily available in my area, make another version of it, and post that for sale.

I have my fingers crossed that my machine will be here soon! 🙂

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