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Quick Post

I want to apologize for no post yesterday, no post today, and no post tomorrow. I will get back on it on Sunday (hopefully) for today is my birthday (yay!) and will be doing birthday things today and tomorrow.

I hope everyone else has a great weekend!!


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Project “To-Do” List

Here is a list of things I would like to accomplish in the near future.

  1. Beignet skirt in a black linen.  Looking to make in another color later on as well.
  2. Ceylon dress in a coralish color called Indian Dream.
  3. Several Sencha blouses, one a refashion from a silk shirt I got thrifting (hopefully) and a rayon challis for now.
  4. Both Vintage Vogue pattern dresses (See post “More Fun”)
  5. Crinoline to possibly go with Vintage Vogue pattern dresses.
  6. Knit Beret (when I learn to cable knit)
  7. Outfit for niece
  8. Bathing suit (maybe…) vintage pattern from Burdastyle
  9. High-waisted slacks
  10. Kasia skirt, undecided color/print

Fabric for Sencha blouse, Ceylon dress, and Beignet skirt

So far, that is my list.  I may add to it later on when I think of more things I would like to make.  I am getting excited for the warmer weather that will be coming soon so I will actually get to wear and show off these creations!

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Here are some pictures of what I found when I went thrifting a while back.  I have yet to refashion any of the items, but I will get to it soon.  As of now, the only one I am wanting to refashion for sure is the teal silk blouse.  I can possibly use the Sencha blouse pattern to make with this one, following the lines but maybe no button up back.  We shall see!

I try to take this everywhere I go, I love it!

I love the rose clasp on this clutch.

Front veiw, plain and large

The back veiw

There are a few other items that are not pictured here but the pictures did not turn out as great as I was hoping.  I will try to take better ones at a later date.

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but it’s been a waiting game on my end…  I finally have my sewing machine, patterns, fabric, and everything else I need to start!  I have started working on a little apron as my first project.  Does not seem to be too daunting, at least not yet.  So far, things are going well with it.  I have the pattern cut out from the fabric and am about to start the process of fitting the pieces together with the sewing machine.  Wish me luck!

Here is the pattern that I am working with.   Too cute!  I love it!  I am just hoping it will turn out as cute as this picture is.

Is anyone else working on a project right now?  Care to share?  I would love to get advice from anyone along with just sharing ideas!

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Hello world!

I am starting a blog chronicling my life and the adventures that I am soon to pursue.  In a few weeks, I get my new sewing machine and the fun REALLY begins!  I am hoping to start making my own clothes to wear along with pieces to sell on Etsy.com in the near future.  The style that I will specialize in will be vintage reproductions including blouses, skirts, dresses, aprons, and bathing suits.  I plan to make clothes per order with a decent turn-around rate.  I will post pictures of pieces that I will make for my own wardrobe that I will also make available for others with their own measurements.  Wish me luck on my new adventure!!

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