Woe is Me

I REALLY need to finish my Beignet skirt.  I can’t wait to wear it as a part of Me-Made-May.  It will go with so much!

The Beignet and I are not friends anymore.  There is something about this skirt that I am not crazy about.  I tried working on it last night and threw in the towel.  I am not meant to wear this skirt.  I have tried.  And I am giving up (for now).  I will get you my pretty…. Maybe the cat knows something I don’t…maybe that is why he is trying to help me by getting in my way so much so I can’t get frustrated….maybe, just maybe….

Plus, it doesn’t help that from the time that I started making this skirt, I must have put on a few inches around my mid-section and thighs (ugh) because this skirt does not seem like it will fit me.  The lining and the facing are now one.  I just need to hem the bottom, add the belt loops, make the belt, and add the buttons and it will be complete.  Why is this skirt giving me such a headache?  I’m not sure.  Maybe it was my fabric choice.  I have put this on the back-burner and started work on a blouse instead.  Here is what I have finished so far.

Has anyone else had such issues with this pattern?  On paper, it doesn’t seem like it would have been such a complicated project.  Is it so simple that I am complicating it?

Oh to sew so care-free….



As a response to Sarah, I am compiling a list of cleaning supplies that you can make yourself with common household items.

  • Baking Soda – I use this to clean my sinks, bathrooms, and shower.  Just mix the baking soda with water to make a paste and scrub away at whatever you need cleaned then rinse with water.  It’s a nice alternative to harmful chemicals, especially if you have kids.  I like to use this paste on my counters every once in a while and I don’t have to worry about dropping food on my counters and getting chemicals on it.  It also works great at removing stubborn stains on your counter.
  • White vinegar and water – Mix equal parts together in a squirt bottle and use as a cleaner.  I use on my kitchen counters, bathrooms, anywhere you want to disinfect.  It can even be used to clean fruits and vegetable before you eat it, and the good thing is that vinegar is not harmful to you!
  • Do you have a clogged drain?  Remember the volcanoes you made in grade school?  Yep, baking soda then vinegar in the drain will clean it right up!
  • Here is a link to 10 different recipes for homemade laundry detergent.  I’ve never made any yet, but may one day.  It’s a good way to cut back on the cost of store bought laundry detergent.
  • Lemons – Have a stubborn smell (like garlic) on your cutting board or knife?  Rub a piece of lemon on it and it will take care of it!  You can even throw a piece of lemon into the garbage disposal, turn it on to grind it up to freshen that up as well.  Or you could use a lime, whichever smell you prefer from your garbage disposal. 🙂

I am sure there are a lot of other homemade recipes out there for other jobs around the house, but these I use in my own home (other than the laundry detergent) along with my steam cleaner to clean my floors and anywhere else I want to steam.  If I think of others, I will add to the list.  Happy cleaning with homemade items!

My Thrifty365

I was reading Sarah’s blog and she did a review of her thrifty living for the past month and I decided I would like to do the same to share my thrifty living.

Review of April

  1. Instead of buying full price fabrics, I purchased fabrics on sale online and used a coupon as well, purchased fabrics on sale at my local fabric store, and thrifted fabrics.
  2. I made my own dishcloths instead of buying ones from the store.
  3. I have made some of my own cleaning supplies rather than buying.
  4. The husband and I have found free things to do rather than spending for fun.

It’s not much, but it’s a start to a more thrifty lifestyle.   I enjoy reading The Retro Houswife for tips on grocery shopping and where I can get coupons.  Anyone have tips to a more thrifty lifestyle or other blogs that I could read?

Derby Days

The first day of Me-Made-May as well as the Kentucky Derby!  Unfortunately, the husband and I decided not to go since the weather seemed so poor.  We live about an hour away from Churchill Downs.  It would have been wonderful to go, play dress up, and wear a gorgeous hat, but it has been raining just about all morning here and sprinkling all afternoon.

In spirit of the race, I’ve been watching it on tv and sipping some tea in true Southern style.  There is a race next week for Mother’s Day and if it doesn’t work out to visit the mother-in-law on that day, I may try to talk the husband into taking my to the race.

More on Me-Made-May now.  The trousers are the 1940’s reproductions Simplicity pattern that I made.  The shirt I did not make, I bought this baby for super cheap ($5) at a retail store.  (Shhh, it’s actually a shirt for little girls, but is a large)  This made me think, I am a grown woman and I can fit in this…how large are girls nowadays??  Anyways, I figured this shirt was cost appropriate and was cheaper than what I could make it for including supplies and time.  Plus, it stretches in every which way and I don’t think I want to try my hand at sewing something like this quite yet….

I love these pants.  I would like to make another pair soon, maybe in a tan color….Oh, and sorry for the pictures having to be broken apart; had to take the pictures inside since it’s so yucky outside.   The husband and I may go out to dinner later tonight and maybe I can sneak my camera along and take some pictures under an umbrella.

Since I opted for Me-Made-May lite, I may only wear one me-made piece each day or do it several times a week.  We shall see as May progresses and how much sewing I get completed!  How is your Me-Made-May kick-off going if you are participating?


It’s been so long!  I know, I’m sorry!!  I have been so busy with appointments and life in general.  It’s just been one of those weeks, or two….or three….ahh…

I am going to get on the ball with sewing.  I have yet to finish my Beignet skirt…still needing space from that project but I am GOING to finish it.  I am hoping to finish a few blouses soon to wear for Me-Made-May.  I have three, possibly four blouses in my mind that I would like to make; a few from my last post of inspirations.  Going to try my hand at those.  Wish me luck!

Again, I apologize for the silence on my end; I will do better once things get back in the swing of things here!


Taking a break from sewing, I watched a little Project Runway (old episodes).  I have to say that I don’t watch this show, but as I was watching it, I got inspired by Kenley Collins.  I saw a blouse that she wore while working on on of her projects and I was off looking for it to see if I could re-create it.

This led me to her site.  I found a blouse of hers that I really like and was inspired further.

I am in love with this combination of the blouse and pants.  I must try my hand at these!

This one, I’m not so crazy about it.  I would like it more if it were simply a blouse rather than a dress.  I enjoy the tie collars of both of these pieces.  How great would this look with high waisted trousers??

But to get back to what first inspired me…I would like to try to find a pattern that works for this blouse.  Maybe an altered JJ blouse from Burda? Minus the ruffles, of course.  Any suggestions?

(No) Progress

Cranky me + sewing = disaster.  Attempted to work on my skirt today…didn’t go so well. I wish sewing was fun for me today.

Photo from Woof Nanny

I was attaching the lining to the facing of the skirt which was frustrating enough for me due to the curve and messed it up.  Once I fixed that mini disaster, I was finishing the seams for that particular area and as I was doing that, the lining got caught up under the needle.   Ugh.  I’ve had enough for today.

I put it away, turned off my sewing machine and shut the door.  It’s just one of those days…Maybe tomorrow will be better for me.