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Day 19

This is the outfit I wore for day 19.  It consisted of a bought skirt and my me-made Sencha blouse.  I haven’t worn this one in a while so I felt it was due time.  Plus….check out my new shoes!  I love them but the husband is not as fond of them as I am.  Oh well!

I wore no me-made clothes over the weekend.  Saturday was spent hiking with the puppy and the husband while Sunday we went to a friend’s birthday party that was very very casual and I felt I would be over dressed in any of my me-made items.

I’ve gotten into a non-sewing rut lately but I am hoping to snap out of it soon and get back to work on my blouse that I gave a sneak peak of a while back.


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Days 9 and 13

Whew, I know it has been a while; still not feeling 100% but am praying I will be better soon.

Day 9 was spent in Nashville with some of the in-laws for Mother’s day and I wore the same outfit as day 1 with the addition of a blazer (it was a little bit cooler on that day).  It is a comfortable outfit and just about anything can go with the trousers.

Day 10, 11, and 12 were spent wearing RTW clothes while day 13 I wore the first dress I made.  I enjoy the bound button holes and the flowers.  Day 13 was a hot and humid day so this nice light dress was prefect.

I am still working on my JJ blouse and hope to have it finished soon!  Have a great weekend!

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Days 2, 3, and 4

Here are days 2, 3, and 4 of Me-Made-May.

Day 2 was spent inside cleaning and being a bum (which was great) because of rain and I stayed in my jammies and cleaning clothes all day and sadly did not wear anything that was made by me.  Maybe I will make some lounge pants…

These pants…well, here I am wearing them again for day three.   The downside to these pants is that my dog also loves them and tends to get his drool on them and it is hard to get out without washing them completely.  The cardigan was thrifted and the little camisole I have had since I was about 12 (It’s actually from Limited Too)…I’ve gotten plenty of wear out of that little cami.  And this is day 1 of pin curls.

Day 4

For day 4, I wore the dress I made with the first vintage pattern I bought.  The sad thing is that I didn’t really get to get out and enjoy my dress or the weather.  It finally stopped raining today and hopefully it will continue to be sunny for a while.  I have my fingers crossed!

Oh and in this picture is day two of pin curls with Lottabody Olive Oil Foam Wrap.  I find this is easy for me to use since it’s a foam and goes in like mousse.  I didn’t do anything to the hair, just brushed it out a bit.  Speaking of hair….anyone know any sites that show you step by step how to fix your hair in a vintage style?  I would love to try something new.  Thanks!

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Derby Days

The first day of Me-Made-May as well as the Kentucky Derby!  Unfortunately, the husband and I decided not to go since the weather seemed so poor.  We live about an hour away from Churchill Downs.  It would have been wonderful to go, play dress up, and wear a gorgeous hat, but it has been raining just about all morning here and sprinkling all afternoon.

In spirit of the race, I’ve been watching it on tv and sipping some tea in true Southern style.  There is a race next week for Mother’s Day and if it doesn’t work out to visit the mother-in-law on that day, I may try to talk the husband into taking my to the race.

More on Me-Made-May now.  The trousers are the 1940’s reproductions Simplicity pattern that I made.  The shirt I did not make, I bought this baby for super cheap ($5) at a retail store.  (Shhh, it’s actually a shirt for little girls, but is a large)  This made me think, I am a grown woman and I can fit in this…how large are girls nowadays??  Anyways, I figured this shirt was cost appropriate and was cheaper than what I could make it for including supplies and time.  Plus, it stretches in every which way and I don’t think I want to try my hand at sewing something like this quite yet….

I love these pants.  I would like to make another pair soon, maybe in a tan color….Oh, and sorry for the pictures having to be broken apart; had to take the pictures inside since it’s so yucky outside.   The husband and I may go out to dinner later tonight and maybe I can sneak my camera along and take some pictures under an umbrella.

Since I opted for Me-Made-May lite, I may only wear one me-made piece each day or do it several times a week.  We shall see as May progresses and how much sewing I get completed!  How is your Me-Made-May kick-off going if you are participating?

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It’s been so long!  I know, I’m sorry!!  I have been so busy with appointments and life in general.  It’s just been one of those weeks, or two….or three….ahh…

I am going to get on the ball with sewing.  I have yet to finish my Beignet skirt…still needing space from that project but I am GOING to finish it.  I am hoping to finish a few blouses soon to wear for Me-Made-May.  I have three, possibly four blouses in my mind that I would like to make; a few from my last post of inspirations.  Going to try my hand at those.  Wish me luck!

Again, I apologize for the silence on my end; I will do better once things get back in the swing of things here!

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I have now completed my second version of the vintage pattern.  I enjoy the drape of the sleeves in this version made of rayon challis and the lightness; it will make a nice summer dress when the weather warms up even more.

This went much faster than the first dress but I had a hiccup with the zipper.  Oh, those stubborn zippers.  I thought I had it in the correct way to be zipped properly, but no, I had it in backwards.  I guess it is more of a silly me than those stubborn zippers.

I wish I could have taken these pictures outside, but when I took them it was around 9 PM and I had to do the self timer.  Maybe another day (I still need to take pictures of my pants full length also!!).

With this little number done, I am going to start work on the Beignet skirt.  I went ahead and picked a black fabric instead of a bright color or bold print; I wanted to be able to wear it with just about anything and not be bogged down with a certain type of top to wear it with if it had a bold pattern.  I do have two yards of a fun print that I may use for a second, more fun, version…we shall see about that.

What else should I add on my list in these last few days of Me-Made-May?  If I could at least have enough to make it with one me-made item each day, I would be content.    What have you created lately or do you have your wardrobe planned out for Me-Made-May if you are participating?

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Unfortunately I have not been doing much sewing.  Not sure why…but I have been distracted with knitting and taking care of my herbs. The knitting pattern for the dishcloths was taught to me by my grandmother.  This was the first thing I ever learned how to knit and I am going back these roots.

I was going to go grocery shopping tomorrow and on my list is new sponges for washing dishes.  Now that I am following the Thrify 365 pledge, I decided to go back to making my dishcloths rather than buying sponges.  This way, I can wash dishes and throw the dishcloths in the washer when they are dirty rather than throwing it away like I would with a sponge.

Two down, many more to go!

Now for my herbs.  This is my second year in attempting to grow my own herbs instead of buying them constantly from the grocery store (which costs more in the long run).  Last year they failed because I went away for a while and they did not get watered.  Hopefully this year will go better!  If I go away for a bit again, I will look into getting those little water globe thingys.

OK, enough with the distractions!  I need to get going with my sewing for my Me-Made-May!!

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