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Days 9 and 13

Whew, I know it has been a while; still not feeling 100% but am praying I will be better soon.

Day 9 was spent in Nashville with some of the in-laws for Mother’s day and I wore the same outfit as day 1 with the addition of a blazer (it was a little bit cooler on that day).  It is a comfortable outfit and just about anything can go with the trousers.

Day 10, 11, and 12 were spent wearing RTW clothes while day 13 I wore the first dress I made.  I enjoy the bound button holes and the flowers.  Day 13 was a hot and humid day so this nice light dress was prefect.

I am still working on my JJ blouse and hope to have it finished soon!  Have a great weekend!


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Derby Days

The first day of Me-Made-May as well as the Kentucky Derby!  Unfortunately, the husband and I decided not to go since the weather seemed so poor.  We live about an hour away from Churchill Downs.  It would have been wonderful to go, play dress up, and wear a gorgeous hat, but it has been raining just about all morning here and sprinkling all afternoon.

In spirit of the race, I’ve been watching it on tv and sipping some tea in true Southern style.  There is a race next week for Mother’s Day and if it doesn’t work out to visit the mother-in-law on that day, I may try to talk the husband into taking my to the race.

More on Me-Made-May now.  The trousers are the 1940’s reproductions Simplicity pattern that I made.  The shirt I did not make, I bought this baby for super cheap ($5) at a retail store.  (Shhh, it’s actually a shirt for little girls, but is a large)  This made me think, I am a grown woman and I can fit in this…how large are girls nowadays??  Anyways, I figured this shirt was cost appropriate and was cheaper than what I could make it for including supplies and time.  Plus, it stretches in every which way and I don’t think I want to try my hand at sewing something like this quite yet….

I love these pants.  I would like to make another pair soon, maybe in a tan color….Oh, and sorry for the pictures having to be broken apart; had to take the pictures inside since it’s so yucky outside.   The husband and I may go out to dinner later tonight and maybe I can sneak my camera along and take some pictures under an umbrella.

Since I opted for Me-Made-May lite, I may only wear one me-made piece each day or do it several times a week.  We shall see as May progresses and how much sewing I get completed!  How is your Me-Made-May kick-off going if you are participating?

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Thank You

To everyone who left me great advice, thank you!  I have successfully completed my trousers and will be embarking on my first vintage pattern!

I had no problem raising the waistline a bit and lowering the waistband to fix that little hole between the zipper and the waistband.  I DID have fun though (HA!) trying to figure out the blind hem sewing on my machine.  I think I spent about half an hour trying to interpret the instructions in the manual and maybe another 15 minutes trying to figure out how to fold my fabric correctly so the blind hemming was actually on the right side of the fabric.  I did a few practice runs on some scraps that I had leftover from the linen but took me a while to figure it all out.  I tell you, I was so excited when I did!  It’s the little things!

When the husband and I have some free time, I will try to get full length shots from farther away.

On another note, my fabric came in that I ordered (much sooner than I thought) and I love everything but the green colored linen I bought.  The color on the website is not what it is in real life.  It has turned out to be a very very bright lime green rather than the more subdued color I thought I was purchasing.  I tried to take a photo f it to show a comparison, but the picture doesn’t show just how fluorescent it is.  In the photo, it looked more like the photo from the website, so I can’t really blame the company.  The linen just disguises it’s true self.

I will try to figure something out!

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Many Problems

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Secondly, I am almost done with the trousers but have I got some things to share.

I had help with tracing my pattern

I made a muslin of these trousers since I have never made any before and felt that once they were hemmed with the proper seam allowance, they would be a tad bit too short.  I fixed that issue with no problems…but here is where my problems started, even in the muslin.  I was following the instructions and when I was supposed to sew the front and the back pieces together, they didn’t work out.  The instructions did not tell me that one has to be the opposite of the other so when the crotch is seamed together, the seams will all be on the inside.  This did not work out for me.  I did them both the same way and when the garment was to be turned inside out, one set of seams was on the inside and the other was on the outside of the garment.  Not good.  I thought I would remember doing this mistake in the muslin and would not make it again on the actual linen.  Nope.  Did it again and had to spend a nice chunk of time ripping out my seams.

As if this wasn’t enough, with my linen, I guess I just wasn’t paying attention and somehow managed to sew the back leg to the other back leg instead of the back to the front to actually make pant legs…so I spent another chunk of time ripping out those seams.

Yet another issue; with the added length I added to the pattern piece, my pants ended up being, oh, about 4 inches too long.  Not sure how I managed this one.

Here are some pictures of what I have so far.  I’m not completely happy with them yet.

My husband was laughing at me while taking these pictures.  As you can see, the polka dots show through the pants…In real life, you can’t but because of the flash, they showed up.  Joy.

Ok, back to more issues.  How far down is too far down for the crotch?  In this picture, I don’t feel it looks too low, but it’s about 1 1/2 inches from where pants normally sit on me.

In this picture, you can see a gap between where the top of the sipper ends and where the button piece will go.  How should I fix this?  The waistband is not set permanently in yet; I just pressed it to how it will be when finished plus I need to remove the extra fabric on both ends of the waistband.  Should I just re-sew where the waistband and the pants connect to remove this little hole?

Here, I was pointing to the issues with the zipper but noticed the ‘bubbling’ at the buttocks dart.  Is there any way to fix this?  Also, can you notice the waviness of the zipper…can it be fixed as well?

To all you experienced sewers out there, HELP!  I would appreciate all advice!!

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Impatient me…

Still no sign of my lovely pattern…I am starting to get worried it is lost in the mail!  And there has been no updated information to the tracking of the package.

To ease my impatience, I am going to be working on my trousers today since the husband and I had planned to go hiking together but it’s supposed to thunderstorm today…I guess we can’t have the May flowers without the April showers…sigh.

I will share pictures of my new trousers as they come along.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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I think, after reading comments from those who left them, I will go with the pants in the black linen.  After putting a little bit of thought into it, I realized I would prefer the pants because as as few of you said, I could dress them up or down, depending on my mood and what I pair with it.  Also, I have a few black skirts already that aren’t quite like the Beignet and I don’t want too have too many black skirts.  So, here is what I did…

I looked around online and found a great deal on some fabric.  The fabric had a sale price, plus I had a 30% off coupon.  How great is that?!  (I hope this works for the Thrifty365)  I bought two (bold for me) neutral colors to work for a skirt and another pair of trousers.

I liked the feel of these colors and these are probably two of the few colors that look better on me.

Wait, I’m not done yet….!  I got one more thing, again, greatly on sale to make into a potential blouse or possibly another dress, or both!!  I was thinking after I make my new dress that should be coming in today (yay!), if I like the bodice enough (which I am 100% positive I will), I will make a blouse from the pattern.  And instead of a zipper, I could do lovely buttons or self covered buttons, whichever floats my little boat!

Ah, how I can’t wait for all of my goodies to come into the mail!

What would you make from any of these fabrics?  Would you do something completely different than me?  Would love to hear!!

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