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I got my patterns in!  Just waiting for the sewing machine!


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Found some treasures!

I went to a few thrift stores around town and found some great goodies.  Most of them I am going to refashion in one way or another.  Just waiting for my sewing machine to come in! 🙂

I plan to take before and after pictures of the pieces I found and post them on here once they are completed.  Not sure if I am going to post these later on the Etsy site because I wont have the same materials.  So, with that said, I may have to buy fabric that is readily available in my area, make another version of it, and post that for sale.

I have my fingers crossed that my machine will be here soon! 🙂

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Lazy days

I’m taking a ‘planning’ day today to find ideas of patterns I would like to use along with relaxing with the pets.  Always nice!!  As I’m looking at the patterns that are jumping out at me, I can’t wait until spring and summer and the ability to wear such lovely dresses outside!I’m getting really excited about starting everything.  I’ve found plenty of patterns that I love and I just have to start hunting down some fabrics soon.  I plan to go to the local thrift stores around town to find inexpensive clothes that I can refashion into the patterns I choose to get practice.

Go here to see more patterns from this shop, Colette Patterns.

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Hello world!

I am starting a blog chronicling my life and the adventures that I am soon to pursue.  In a few weeks, I get my new sewing machine and the fun REALLY begins!  I am hoping to start making my own clothes to wear along with pieces to sell on Etsy.com in the near future.  The style that I will specialize in will be vintage reproductions including blouses, skirts, dresses, aprons, and bathing suits.  I plan to make clothes per order with a decent turn-around rate.  I will post pictures of pieces that I will make for my own wardrobe that I will also make available for others with their own measurements.  Wish me luck on my new adventure!!

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